Far Away from Home #WorldRefugeeDay

Lying on the floor with the sun shining on my face Kissing me aggressively all over with its warmth While the familiar aroma and friendly voices surround me Home always put a smile on my face *** Gusting winds, Choppy waters Attack us viciously with malice I turn around for one last glance Of the … Continue reading Far Away from Home #WorldRefugeeDay


Oh you thought today will be a good day

oh you thought today will be a good day As you get your hair done, smiling in the mirror Changing and altering Photoshopping and adjusting but it all comes to a halt When your reminded you have neither No looks, smarts, personality and charm and so you crawl and hide away To do no more … Continue reading Oh you thought today will be a good day


Shame. The heaviness that hangs your head low and your shoulders lower. The weight that burden the corners of your mouth into a frown. Who placed this heavy burden upon you? Is it them or is it you? Locked away in the tallest tower Far away from those who make you cower Just till the … Continue reading Shame


They say the path is long and winded spiralling chaotically, destructively through the valley The obstacles glare at you face on Spikey daggers and thousands of thorns *** Yet they say it is clear Just move forward through all the drudgery A simple path to success *** But what if you don't know where you … Continue reading Uncertainty

What do I say?

Looking ahead as the silence surrounds us. Two souls who are supposed to be so close yet seems so far away. I open my mouth for something to say, yet my lips slowly come together in desperation. Pursued in frustration at of lack of communication I look ahead as we succumb to the quiet Not … Continue reading What do I say?