We Must Go- Motivational Monday

Your blissful sleep disrupted by the to do's Work, school .. all coming after you *** Crotched in a foetal position with eyes shut tight As you attempt To protect  your euphoric state of mind *** Your head urges you to get up But your heart fights A vicious battle with all its might *** But … Continue reading We Must Go- Motivational Monday


Mindless Chatter

Mindless Chatter Discussing evil matter Is there hope anywhere? *** Hate and Anger As we all begin to clamour Waving Banners In a fearful manner *** Followers eager to participate As we assimilate in order to segregate *** Negativity surrounding us without a shadow of hope To weak to change And nowhere to elope *** … Continue reading Mindless Chatter

Written Wisdom Wednesday- I know why the caged bird sings

Hey Guys, Welcome to another #WrittenWisdomWednesday, this poem was written by Maya Angelou, my favourite poet of all time. This poem reflects the time period where Maya grew up in the racist South, with an unstable family background and she was also sexually assaulted at a young age. Although she suffered a tumultuous childhood she … Continue reading Written Wisdom Wednesday- I know why the caged bird sings