What do I say?

Looking ahead as the silence surrounds us. Two souls who are supposed to be so close yet seems so far away. I open my mouth for something to say, yet my lips slowly come together in desperation. Pursued in frustration at of lack of communication I look ahead as we succumb to the quiet Not … Continue reading What do I say?


Wishful Thinking

Sombre thoughts fill my heart even at the joyest time dwelling on my shortcomings seem to occupy my time But we are so fortunate? What beckons all this sorrow? When others are hungry, cold, homeless alone I cry for them too but not enough to change Sitting and thinking Fearful and wishing Leaving no time … Continue reading Wishful Thinking

Written Wisdom Wednesday- I know why the caged bird sings

Hey Guys, Welcome to another #WrittenWisdomWednesday, this poem was written by Maya Angelou, my favourite poet of all time. This poem reflects the time period where Maya grew up in the racist South, with an unstable family background and she was also sexually assaulted at a young age. Although she suffered a tumultuous childhood she … Continue reading Written Wisdom Wednesday- I know why the caged bird sings