Muffled Thoughts

So it's been a while.... and honestly I don't have any excuse other than I wasn't feeling it. Does this happen to other bloggers too? The peaks of high productivity fuelled by excitement and overflowing creativity and then the lows,  i.e.  the "what the hell I'm doing?" phase. What makes blogging so attractive is that … Continue reading Muffled Thoughts


The Art of not giving a F***! – Parody/Satire

, I have noticed something that is quite distressing about yours truly's character, an illness, a flaw, an impairment!? One does not know how to exactly categorise ones recently discovered downfall but in short and put rather crudely it is the ability to not give a F***! No, truly! This is a matter of grave … Continue reading The Art of not giving a F***! – Parody/Satire